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Healing Techniques of Bansuri for Relaxation

Bansuri music plays a bigger role than being an art form, it also heals. All of us, at some point in time, have listened to a piece of bansuri music and felt the relaxing effect on the human body and mind. A research on patients suffering from joint pains shows that listening to bansuri music decreased perception of pain, reduced the amount of painkillers needed and in many cases helped with conditions like depression.

Bansuri is known to have change frequencies from low energy of negative emotions like anger and guilt to higher vibrations of positive emotions like love and joy. It releases energy blocks and induces a sense of harmony and relaxation in the body. There is a belief that the vibrations produced by bansuri travel through the body promoting blood circulation, smoother energy flow, and a heightened feeling of rejuvenation. The frequency of bansuri aligns with the brainwaves and activates dopamine that creates a sense of happiness and wellness.

Low pitched renditions with a harmonious slow rhythm of 60-80 beats per minute are not just pleasing to the ear but have significant impact on the listeners. Data shows that there is a measurable slowing down and stabilizing of heart and respiratory rate which directly influences and induces positive emotions through the limbic system.

A study conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease who are made to listen to flute music regularly have been seen to remember the music played and information associated with it better than other things. There is also evidence of lower cognitive decline in this group. People, especially children, with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are found to shift to a more relaxed state faster when listening to Bansuri.

Different Ragas played with right bansuri techniques evoke specific moods. Raag Kafi evokes a cool and soothing mood, while Raag Bageshwari arouses the feelings of depth, calmness, and stability. Further to all this, there is a specific benefit that each raga played on Bansuri can have. Ragas Ahir Bharav, Bhupali, and Todi are known to provide relief from headaches and high blood pressure. Raag Shivaranjani is known to treat memory problems while Raag Bahar is known to induce relaxing sleep. (Read more – Tips to Improve Your Bansuri Technique)

Not just listening to bansuri music, playing bansuri and using bansuri techniques also has immense benefits on health, healing and relaxation. There is a strong link between playing the bansuri and feeling enhanced spiritual awareness. People discover themselves in a deep way when they learn to play bansuri. Bansuri playing creates the same benefits that pranayam provides. It regulates breathing, increases lung capacity, trains the lungs to take in more oxygen, and as a result boosts internal immunity.

More and more studies are being commissioned to understand the nuanced relationship between the music of bansuri and how the human body responds to it. There is a lot to learn but we already know that the effects of listening to and playing bansuri are overwhelmingly positive and in many cases have a clear healing power. If you want to learn Bansuri, we have a comprehensive course of online bansuri classes that takes you through all the nuances of learning the instrument.

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