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These few initiatives are the core of my being as a performer and as a teacher. Through these programs, I intend to support the music community to ensure its growth and reach out to multiple segments of society.

The Mystic Bamboo Academy, headquartered in Pune is an online and offline gurukula for sincere seekers of Bansuri to undertake rigorous training and understand the finer nuances of Hindustani Music.
Bansuri intensives are short residential courses that provide an opportunity for aspiring practitioners to advance their musical skills and immerse themselves for a short period of time in the world of a full-time musician.

MQ 2 HQ Workshop

MQ2HQ is a music-appreciation workshop that seeks to redefine the role of music in one’s life. It is designed by to highlight the essential roles that music, rhythm, and meditation plays in human personality and over all development.

Bansuri Meditation

Bansuri Meditation is a step further in harnessing the spiritual potential of the bamboo flute and focusing on selected Ragas of Hindustani Classical Music, to invoke a contemplative and meditative mood.

The ART - The Artist

Raga Dhani

Bansuri concert at Kochi

Raga Samahit

Bansuri concert at Pune

Flute Lessons For All

Beginner Course

From Beginners to Raga Embellishment

Intermediate Course

From Beginners to Raga Embellishment

Advanced Course

From Beginners to Raga Embellishment


Tips from Himanshu Nanda