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Beginner Bansuri Skills: Ways To Improve Your Bansuri Skill Faster

You don’t really need to be born talented to become a great bansuri player. What you really need is dedication and a lot of practice. With these two, anyone can become a skilled flautist. If you are wishing you develop this level of skill, you are at the right place. There are a number of flute lessons online for beginners including one at Start there and follow the tips below:

Define What You Want to Achieve: Before you embark on a journey like this, you must know what your end goal is going to be. People learn bansuri for different reasons — Some learn it as a way of intellectually challenging themselves, some use it as a form of stress buster, and some want to dedicate their life to becoming great bansuri players. We suggest you explore beginner flute lessons online that are free to understand and achieve clarity about what your purpose of learning bansuri is.

Practice Basics 80% of time: Once you start your flute lessons online for beginners, identify the foundational classes and practice them for 80% of the time. Even maestros who have been practicing bansuri for decades spend a lot of time just practicing the basics. Being strong in basics makes it easy for you to learn complex lessons as you progress.

Be Disciplined: The problem with free online flute lessons is that it needs you to be disciplined to progress. Once you set a clear goal for yourself, the most important thing to do is to not give up. Show up for practice everyday and sit down and work at your lessons regularly. It is very easy to let life take over and deprioritize your practice sessions. Know that you are in control of prioritizing things in your life and have the intent to keep your practice lessons as a priority.

Be Consistent: A lot of learning lessons are about building muscle memory. Your fingers eventually need to fly on the flute and you don’t pause for your brain to process the movement. Your muscles develop memory and know exactly what to do. All of this is possible only through consistent practice.

Don’t Get Bored of Repetition: Take a few free online flute lessons and you will realize that repetition makes playing easier. This is because practice strengthens the neural pathways you are creating and the stronger these are, the faster your fingers will move. You must ultimately be able to let your subconscious guide your hands so you can play without pausing and repetition is the trick to achieve that stage.

Listen Actively: A lot of people underestimate how important it is to listen to relevant music when you learn an instrument. Just learning to play a piece over and over again is not enough, you have to have the knowledge of different interpretations of it by other musicians. Listening and exposing yourself to these will help you immensely in improvising your compositions when you are ready.

If you have read this far and are excited about learning the skill of playing bansuri, we welcome you to experience the first module of free online flute lessons on and begin your journey with us.

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