Performer | Educator | Seeker

The Mystic Bamboo Academy, headquartered in Pune, is for sincere seekers of Bansuri to undertake rigorous training from Shri Himanshu Nanda himself, in the traditional Gurukul way. Not only does the academy offer the perfect setting for in-depth lessons and a conducive atmosphere for intensive practice sessions but also facilitates the students’ seamless integration into the global Mystic Bamboo family.

Himanshu Nanda’s core initiative of “The Mystic Bamboo” encompasses four goals of self-learning courses, live online flute lessons, organizing baithaks, and providing scholarships for deserving students. These initiatives include both face-to-face lessons for maximum impact as well as online lessons for maximum outreach.


The online flute course (self – Learning) is a Bansuri e-learning portal where students will find the best, step-by-step, online programme for learning how to play the Indian bamboo flute. This self-learning portal allows students of all levels – from beginner to advanced players – to progress at their chosen pace and learn as per their convenience.

Live Online Flute Classes

Live Online Flute Lessons allow Bansuri training to be undertaken from the convenience of one’s home by offering weekly, one-on-one sessions, directly with a mentor for personal guidance and supervision, as well as a year-long certificate course involving group sessions, access to video recordings, assignments and assessments.


There are two branches of THE MYSTIC BAMBOO academy, located in Baner, Pune and Pradhikaran, PCMC, where students can immerse themselves in the art of learning Hindustani Bansuri. 

The academy provides a supportive and nurturing environment and follows a traditional, step-by-step approach to teaching.


Mystic Bamboo Foundation is the social wing of THE MYSTIC BAMBOO, which aims to promote music Hindustani Classical Music by providing a world-class experience in Bansuri education for generations to come.

We aim to preserve and promote the spiritual dimension of Indian music while harnessing music as a tool for enhancing mental and emotional health.